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At Point To Point we directly and independently source our tailors, dyers, weavers and printers. Part of our mission is to work closely with rural artisans in developing countries to focus on preserving traditional skills and to help artisans build, sustain and expand their family businesses. By exploring and travelling through cities and rural villages, we meet our makers first hand to establish working relationships to last.

fair pay garment fashion industry

Amit & Vinit Gour

A natural dye and block printing master based in Bagru, Jaipur. Managing the family business with his brother Vinit, Amit practices natural dyeing and block printing at his home studio and outside in the garden with other artisans and family members who work alongside him.

fair pay garment fashion industry

Ishrat Ali

The Ali family are a family of khadi weavers and masters of handloom fabrics living in rural Uttar Pradesh. Ishrat coordinates our woven designs and khadi production with other members of his family who have been taught the art of handloom handed down generationally. We work with this community to produce our handwoven fabrics and garments.


A social enterprise in Romania fighting against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We collaborate with Eliberare on their Project Oi campaign, where vulnerable women gather and crochet together in a safe environment, creating employment for survivors and people of ethnic minority with little opportunity for employment otherwise.


Based in the outskirts of Jaipur, Cham is a master tailor who works from home with his family and supports the tailors who work under him. Cham drafts patterns from our designs, cuts the fabric and monitors the construction of garments sewn by the six tailors working in the room next door who rotate daily.

COTTAGE INDUSTRIES​ rural communities ethical sourced materials

Om Brakash & Mohan

Master block printers working in Bagru, Jaipur. Working on the top floor of their family home, the floor is full of wall to wall length tables covered in stretched fabric ready for block printing. Mohan precisely mixes the inks ready for Om Brakash and other block printers to hand print the pattern required.

fair pay garment fashion industry


Anand helped us achieve the right cut and drape for our first batch of clothing. We spent 2 weeks working with him on our first trip to India in 2018. Working patiently and proudly in his family owned studio in the heart of Pondicherry, we achieved some samples to be proud of.

fair pay garment fashion industry

Metro Tailors

Pondicherry based tailors who made the samples for our first release. We came across Metro whilst wandering through the city with a bag full of fabric and a roll of patterns. Luckily, these tailors were glad to help us develop some prototypes.

fair pay garment fashion industry


A natural dye master who works on his rooftop using methods handed down generationally. Whilst teaching his son, together they match yarns and fabric swatches by hand mixing plant and vegetable extracts. Days spent with Jammu and his family means afternoons spent talking about colour, drinking chai and watching our materials dry in the sunshine.

fair pay garment fashion industry

Karin and Gee

A father and son team who we stumbled upon in Amritsar supplying cotton canvas to the Indian Army. With a sewing machine outside, we asked if they could make us some tote bag samples. And so we met our first accessory suppliers.

Point to Point Studio

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been producing some of the clothing here in our London workroom. We use offcuts from previous collections and vintage fabrics to create limited edition pieces. Co-founder Alice has been cutting and sewing these pieces to keep production going and to ensure our makers are safe in India.

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