"against human trafficking and sexual exploitation"

Eliberare is a social movement against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Romania.

Point To Point have collaborated with Eliberare on their ‘Project Oi’ campaign to create knitted accessories that provide employed creative opportunities for survivors, to open an empowered new beginning.

These survivors include ex-trafficked women and women of ethnic minority with limited to no access to education, making them vulnerable towards different forms of exploitation.

"slavery has not been abolished"

After working in anti-trafficking prevention, advocacy and community development, the initiators of Project Oi have revived an ancient Romanian custom, ‘the ‘women sitting’ or ‘sezatoare’.

‘'Women, especially in rural areas, would meet to knit and crochet together and discuss family issues or plan together family endeavours. This tradition is lost in urban areas and we wish to revive it as means to bring women together in a safe and creative environment.'’ - Project Oi, Eliberare.

Restoring these sittings creates a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable and ex-trafficked women to work on personal development and to earn an income. As a result of trauma, a safe community where women can come together in a healing setting is essential for the health and well being of the survivors.

This collaboration has the potential to flourish into many creative opportunities for survivors part of Project Oi. From the moment these women learn to crochet, they are then available to work and for orders to continue.

It's a thrill to see new skills being taught and vulnerable women gaining not only employment but empowerment too.

Thank you for your support.