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our journey


The very beginnings of Point To Point were founded in 2017 in Alice’s final year studying Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins.

Creating a sustainability and community focused concept brand, Point To Point was born out of a curiosity for ancient crafts, the humble artisan and the communities in which they live and work around the world.

In a placement year at university, Alice travelled to Peru to work with indigenous weavers in the Andes. Being exposed to the ancient techniques of weaving textiles and natural dyeing, she was inspired to create a brand that embraced and supported rural textile communities and slow production processes.

With a lifelong experience sewing and making clothes with her Grandma, Alice enhanced her garment understanding and finishing on Savile Row and in costume for London’s West End, film and TV after graduating, whilst working on new ideas and directions for Point To Point.

fair pay garment fashion industry


Alice and Andy met when they were studying, and often spoke about their ideas for a more sustainable future, what they would change and what they would like to see more of.

Andy soon came on board (or was roped in...) with Point To Point as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, finding his role in the brand to convey transparency, sustainability and ethics through his graphic work, imagery and website creation.
Andy was the other half that Point To Point needed.

Together the couple agreed that the garment industry lacked transparency, and because of this there is a lost connection between us and our clothing.

The story of the clothes we wear everyday feels as though it begins and ends in store. However, the story begins much further away in a factory we will never see, and made by people we will never know.

Founder of Point To Point Clothing

Backpacking ADVENTURE turned business trip...

Together we had been saving our pennies to go travelling. We decided the only way to make our clothes was to go there, see the workplaces and meet the makers themselves. So, what was supposed to be a backpacking adventure was looking more like a business trip.

We set off in September 2018, with a sketchbook of designs and very big backpacks! It was in India where we explored rural villages of craftspeople spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing textiles by hand.

Winding our way through the country overland from South to North, we watched our designs come to life. Carrying piles of fabric across India, we stumbled upon, worked alongside and liaised with the people who helped make our dream a reality. We continue to work and collaborate with the same communities to this day.

This all sounds very romantic, but we endured some treacherous
journeys to say the least!

fair pay garment fashion industry
Natural dyed sustainable material clothing brand
fair pay garment fashion industry


On our return, we worked with Alice’s brother James, Creative Director of design studio Dearness Only, and his Graphic Designer partner, Penelope, on our branding. Together they imagined the four point zig-zag to resemble community, equality, locations and an even divide between our four brand values. A simple logo with a lot of meaning.

Block Printing India sustainable clothing

AND SO THE journey continues...

We have a very high mountain to climb and a lot to learn. So far we are proud to say we have fulfilled our mission to create sustainably crafted clothes from natural and organic materials, support rural artisans and pay fair wages. We have built this together and long may the building continue.

We dream of a world where the garment industry is a global collaboration of creators who are passionate about designing responsibly, protecting the environment, supporting artisans and a work force that is not divided by gender but provides equal opportunities and fair pay to all.

Love, A & A

Founder of Point To Point Clothing

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