our TRIP to Amritsar

After delivering fabrics and patterns to our tailors in Jaipur, we decided to have a break up in Amritsar, a place we had always wanted to visit. On our first day we walked through the somewhat calm backstreets, differing from the usual hussle and bussle of your everyday working Indian street. 

Winding our way through, we arrived to the Golden Temple area. After covering our heads and handing over our shoes, we started to climb the steps as the glistening temple shone before us, a truly majestic moment.

Flooded with peace, the surroundings were as symbolic as the temple itself.
Inside and out, The Golden Temple is, in our opinion, as breathtaking as The Taj Mahal.

Our Trip to Amrita golden temple

Meeting Amritsar Tailors


The city streets are alive with tailors making three-piece suits, dresses and bags. Looking closer you will also spot the very smart Indian Army 
military uniforms being made. 

New, up-cycled and second hand uniforms are for sale, alongside heavy duty canvas and waterproofing essentials for soldiers. After finding so many makers up and down the streets, we were soon out to work again talking and asking makers about fabrics and things they could potentially make over the few days we were there.

Meeting Amritsar tailors​
Amritsar Finding the bag makers ​


We eventually came across Karin and Gee, a father and son duo sewing on the street outside their military shop. We fell in love with their raw heavy canvas and decided to ask them to make some totes, shoppers and handbags for us on their converted manual sewing machine. Karin soon whipped up some simple yet strong and stylish bags, whilst his father held the fabric in place for stitching. 

These guys were a pleasure to work with and we hope to go back for our next collection of bags, and more delicious chai!


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