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10 things we love about lotus fabric

Lotus fabric clothing ethical fabrics

1 . Uses 150 Times Less Water Than Organic Cotton.

Although organic cotton is a good choice when buying clothing and is more sustainable compared to synthetic fibres, this means that the water saved can be used where it is needed most.

2 . A Natural Microfibre

Known to be the world’s first natural microfibre, Lotus fabric
is extremely lightweight and breathable.

3 . Chemical Free

No polluting resources are consumed during the entire production process, making it super ecological.

4 . Super Soft

Lotus fabric is luxuriously smooth and silky to wear.

5 . Almost Wrinkle Free

No hard pressing or steaming is required to smooth out creases, they tend to drop out after hanging and little steam is required.

6 . Stain Resistant

Naturally occurring water repellent properties ensure
your clothes stay the colour they are meant to be.

7 . Recycled Waste Product

Whilst the Lotus flower is used for ceremonial celebrations, the stems are left in the water which would otherwise go to waste. Utilising the stems creates less waste and more sustainable clothing.

8 . Preserves Traditional Craft

Working with Lotus fabric creates rural work for artisans, and ensures the art lives on that has existed for centuries through generations of crafts people.

9 . A Sacred Flower

The plant on which the Buddha is seen sitting, Buddhists believe the Lotus symbolises wisdom and spirituality.

The plant is a metaphor that reflects every man and woman’s ability to surpass their current situation. No matter where they came from they can accomplish themselves, just as the lotus flower grows tall floating above the muddy waters.

10 . Naturally Biodegradable & Vegan

Lotus fabric has no negative impact on any life on earth and eventually returns back into the ground after being enjoyed as a piece of clothing.