eco friendly fabrics

10 things we love about banana fabric

1 . Recycled BY PRODUCT

Billions of tonnes of banana stems are thrown away every year. Weaving fabric from the stem fibres is a logical solution to the waste created after harvesting the bananas.

2 . creates RURAL work

Making banana fabric creates rural and local work for communities. Farming, crushing, retting, spinning and weaving are just some of the jobs created by growing the crop.

3 . Chemical Free

No polluting resources are consumed during the entire production process, making it super ecological. Bananas growing in the tropics especially, need no chemical aids to increase growth.

4 . Super Soft

Banana fabric is soft to touch, comfortable and lightweight to wear.

5 . low environmental impact

Banana production is almost completely carbon neutral. Growing in natural sunlight nearby local rivers means little water usage and no energy intensive hot-housing is required. The discarded stems are processed into fabric using non polluting manual looms.

6 . not labour intensive

In order to create banana fabric requires a lot of manual work, however the crushing and retting of the crop is not as intensive as it is for bamboo and hemp fibres. This makes it quicker to produce the finished fabric.

7 . A natural shine

Banana fabric glistens and owns a natural shimmer, making it a beautiful alternative to silk.

8 . naturally biodegradable and vegan

Banana fabric has no negative impact on any life on earth and eventually returns back into the ground after being enjoyed as a piece of clothing for years and years.

9 . variety of fibre texture

Fibres extracted from the softer inner part of the stem can be woven into delicate, silk like fabrics. And fibres extracted from the courser outer side of the stem creates stronger and heavier fabrics for outerwear.

10 . highly durable

 Known to be one of the strongest natural fibres, made up of thick-walled cell tissue and bonded by natural gums. These fibres are so durable they can be made into currency notes to last 100 years, silk grade saris and can even be used in car tyres!