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What we do

Our garments are responsibly sourced, organically dyed and made from biodegradable materials. Every piece is considered from cradle to cradle.

We aim to drive real change in the
global story of waste, water pollution and extreme poverty.

Alice and Andy officially launched Point to Point Clothing in 2019.

Alice could be found needle in hand from an early age and learned to sew from her Grandmother, Barbara. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins, she has honed her craft working freelance on Savile Row and London’s costume houses.

Andy learned Photography from his Father, Tim. Photography flourished into a wider interest in art and design. Andy has been working as a freelance graphic designer in London for a number of years.

We source our materials directly. It’s small and it’s slow batch production, each collection representing a unique handmade moment made from earth borrowing materials.

Natural dyed sustainable material clothing brand
SUSTAINABILITY​ Using organic, natural dyed and biodegradable materials. ​


Natural dyed sustainable material clothing brand

The world cannot continue to neglect the less luxurious and fatal effects of the fast fashion industry. It is the third most polluting industry behind oil and gas. It is the second greatest polluter of freshwater in the world. Alone, it contributes 10% of the worlds carbon footprint annually.

Eco-ethic consciousness and uncompromising commitment to the principles of sustainability permeate every facet of what we do: It is reflected in the choices we make:
we use organic waste products, for example; banana stalks and lotus stems; we also use GOTs-certified organic cotton and; our dyes are made from plants and vegetables including indigo and coffee.
THOUGHTFUL DESIGN​ Designing with the world in mind. ​


We aim to embody the change we wish to see. Our choices represent careful consideration of the environment, our supply chain and the communities we work with.

We do not claim ignorance of the adverse affects consumption is having, but aim to shine a light and expose how an alternative way of producing and consuming fashion is entirely possible. We draw upon and will continue to be inspired by subcultures and movements that have evoked real change.

COTTAGE INDUSTRIES​ rural communities ethical sourced materials
COTTAGE INDUSTRIES​ Working with local makers, not manufacturers. ​

Cottage industries

COTTAGE INDUSTRIES​ rural communities ethical sourced materials

We explore rural communities seeking out unique makers. We exclusively use small independent family-owned businesses who represent the culmination of ancient techniques handed down generationally, whose garments exhibit personal characteristics of the maker themselves.

CRAFTSMANSHIP​ Preserving ancient & traditional crafts.​


CRAFTSMANSHIP​ sustainable Traditional methods

It is a privilege to be able to collaborate. We aim to celebrate and support makers making in

We tune into a variety of traditional methods born out of our own respect and wish for a thriving culture of independence and entrepreneurial endeavour
through craft.

We seek to harness the power of these communities, and in so doing support the concept of the environmental artisan-entrepreneur itself.

CRAFTSMANSHIP​ sustainable Traditional methods

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